Island Hop: Montserrat

Island Hop: Montserrat

A few months back I wrote about the most amazing summer trip my family and I made to the island of Montserrat. The island is Antigua’s neighbour and so we took a literal hop across on the boat to spend time. The island is dominated by one of the world’s most monitored volcanoes and has a unique and interesting history shaped by that very feature. This post was commissioned by Bankra Travel and is featured on their website. I’ve decided to share it here as well with a more extensive Photo-reel.

Curvy Idol: Renee Edwards-Ambrose

Renee Edwards Ambrose is one of the most inspiring persons that I've ever come across. She's a go getter and she lets nothing get between her and her goals. She's a professional Drag Racer and has competed and broke records at meets across the Caribbean, She's runs her own Drag Racing Team; Lady Horsepower Farm, and she's even an aircraft mechanic for LIAT (the Caribbean's Main Regional Airline). But, despite all these things that might colour her a tomboy, She's an established Plus-Sized Model. She won the Caribbean Plus Competition in 2013, and become Antigua's first Miss. Carnival Plus International Winner in 2014, and recently she took home the title of Miss. Curvy Idol, an international modelling competition.

I've had the pleasure of working with her so many times as I've photographed her for her portfolio as well as personal pursuits. She's a beautiful person, both inside and out. So when She won Miss Curvy Idol, and my photographs of her were plastered all over the internet, I felt a sense of pride. I'm forever grateful to her for believing in my talent and using my photographs to promote her brand. Congratulations Renee :)

Here are some of the Photos featured on the Curve Appeal Website

Featuring Photographs by Annetta Jackson


I had an email interview with the beautiful and artistic Faliesha from Instagram. I've been following her for awhile and her feed is wonderful. She's a peaceful person and she shares lots of Muslim passages that often uplift my spirit. So, i approached her about this feature for my Blog and i was so ecstatic when she said yes. I'll stop holding up the process : ) Here's more on Faliesha . . .

My name is Faliesha Gomez, i live in Canada, and I'm in my last year of high school, soon to be going off to college. Ever since I was a young girl I've always had a passion for art and fashion.  It was always that one thing that I went to when I needed to get my feelings out or even when I felt like being Inspired. With that being said I thought of a way to broadcast my talent to other people, so why not henna! It was something I knew many people would enjoy. I began practicing on myself as a child, and realized that it was something I truly admired. And wanted to share it with other people. And ever since then I loved what I been doing!
Religion is something that either brings people together or rips them apart. It shouldn't be that way. I think all religions are beautiful no matter what one you come from, or what you've been grown into, and you shouldn't be judged for what you believe. My mother is Muslim and father is Jewish. My decision on religion was purely my choice. Growing up I always leaned towards my mother's religion. Islam. It was always so fascinating and beautiful to me to see so many people come together, people that have never met giving each other hugs and kisses. I thought it was beautiful. Now being older, I really have learned that Islam is a beautiful religion. No flaws at all, I fell in love with my religion and am 100% content with my decision to be a Muslim.

Insta-Feature: Christopher Aaron

Bookworm, Stylist, and chilling in Los Angeles California.. This is only some context for the great and awesome chris aaron, @christopher_aaron on instagram. He's a very interesting guy and so, doing what i do best, i decided that he needed an insta-feature, to show you bits and pieces of his instagram. He's somewhat of a minimalist as he makes simple things appeal to his followers and make little things in his life extraordinary.

He's a photographer in his own right. He captures his day to day sightings so effortlessly and his cool fades and soothing tones just make you fall in love with his feed over and over again. His feed is not only an expression of himself but it's appealing and noteworthy in a way that makes it unique and different from the average personal feed.

Christopher is also a bit of a foodie! He enjoys sharing photos of his wonderful meals which sometimes make me a bit jealous. Most of all, Chris is a really cool person and he's very supportive of my work... he's become sort of an insta-friend. He's a hard working, fun loving guy, who enjoys adventures. Check out his work and i think you'll find him interesting too.


Insta Feature: Nichole Burton-Fleming

If you are like me and enjoy looking up creative and interesting people on instagram, then you are going to love what i'm introducing. I've decided to feature some of my favorite instagrammers here on my blog and show my readers why i decided to follow them in the first place... maybe you'll even want to follow them too. My very first 'Insta feature' as i've so cleverly called it, is on one of my all time favorite instagrammers... Miss Nichole Burton-Fleming who goes by @niiiiiiichole on instagram.

Nichole is very keen on making one of a kind, hand-made, artistic creations. She is an amazing artist and is frequently admonished by her followers to create an Etsy account to benefit from her work. She's really crafty and can do alot with paint and paper. Not only is she a good artist, but she's an excellent photographer as well. She has an eye for detail and captures lovely shots. She is truly a master at her craft and uses her instagram as a medium to showcase Antigua's natural beauty as well as the wonders of the earth.

Her feed is a really wonderful one which matches her wonderful personality. I've met her in person once and her sunny personality and wonderful smile just made my afternoon. I really admire her and her work as well as her beach goer life. It's really cool seeing things from her perspective and it truly allows you to find beauty in the little things around.


all Photos courtesy of @Niiiiiiichole on Instagram