Created by a quirky teen turned inquisitive adult. The Cotton Tree is a space to insight thought provoking conversation and explore wonders, curate experiences, and encourage a change


The Cotton tree is the name of a blog which was created to serve as a creative outlet for the many interests of its author. The blog has evolved from focusing on vintage fashion when it was titled “A Little bit Vintage” in 2012 to a blog that showcases the interests and commentary of the author.

This blog has served as a journal for the personal growth and self discovery of its owner. It is not meant to be a guideline for anyone about how to think, what to read, or how to live your life. It’s simply a showcase of what’s happening in the mind of Annetta, what she finds interesting, or whatever projects have been up her sleeve. This blog focuses on food for thought but also features experiences and explorations.


Four years and counting ..

Portraits by Annetta Jackson