Insta-Feature: Christopher Aaron

Bookworm, Stylist, and chilling in Los Angeles California.. This is only some context for the great and awesome chris aaron, @christopher_aaron on instagram. He's a very interesting guy and so, doing what i do best, i decided that he needed an insta-feature, to show you bits and pieces of his instagram. He's somewhat of a minimalist as he makes simple things appeal to his followers and make little things in his life extraordinary.

He's a photographer in his own right. He captures his day to day sightings so effortlessly and his cool fades and soothing tones just make you fall in love with his feed over and over again. His feed is not only an expression of himself but it's appealing and noteworthy in a way that makes it unique and different from the average personal feed.

Christopher is also a bit of a foodie! He enjoys sharing photos of his wonderful meals which sometimes make me a bit jealous. Most of all, Chris is a really cool person and he's very supportive of my work... he's become sort of an insta-friend. He's a hard working, fun loving guy, who enjoys adventures. Check out his work and i think you'll find him interesting too.