Passion Projects

Due to a love for story telling both with words and images, several projects have been put together to share the stories of black youth who are innovators in their own right.


the black creative

In conversation with 4 young black creatives. This project is an exploration of what it means to be creative in a space where making a living from your art is uncommon.


unpacking black excellence

Unpacking Black Excellence is a conversation about the black experience and the struggles that exist in trying to attain excellence in a society which has systemic blockades to progress.


Explorations of home

An in-depth look at Home with a fresh pair of eyes. A look at Antigua and Barbuda beyond the endless summer with a view to showcase hidden gems as well as real life issues.


As a blogger & photographer, it has been extremely important to tell visually dynamic and gripping stories. It has been an honour while on this creative journey as a content creator to have worked along with many unique brands to release amazing collaborations. Here’s a brief rundown of a few of the partnerships we’ve made to date as well as a brief overview of what we’ve done.



As told through the lens of Annetta Jackson

united colours of mas & socaholic uk

In August 2018, The Cotton Tree teamed up with UCOM and Socaholic UK to share a visual experience of the Mas Band at Nottinghil Carnival. UCOM is one of the premium Mas Troupes in London with an Award winning creative director. The partnership produced a series of posts on the blog chronicling the UCOM Experience as well as following up with a sneak peak at the 2019 installment. It was also accompanied by a full scale Instagram play by play.



The Ultimate Immersive Vacation Experience as told through the lens of Annetta Jackson

Collin devon events

In July 2018, The Cotton Tree was commissioned by Collin Devon Events to capture exclusive footage of its influencer & young professionals vacation weekender in Antigua.



Official Product Launch through the lens of Annetta Jackson

dadli drip

Artistry by H|A|M teamed up with The Cotton Tree in July 2018 to curate a dynamic set of photos for their Dadli Drip product launch.

The Luxury Resort through the lens of Annetta Jackson


This major collaboration saw The Cotton Tree working as the in-house photographer at Cocobay Resort. Together we curated content to sell the dream vacation to every wanderlust stricken person abroad, in the hopes that they will book their stay at the hotel. Dynamic images boosted product awareness and widened the reach of the Antiguan hotel.


     The Luxury Resort through the lens of Annetta Jackson

A Major Collaboration which saw content being created for Curtain Bluff Hotel to boost its brand. The hotel was portrayed through the artistic eye of The Cotton Tree whose unique aesthetic helped the hotel tell an interesting story through images on social media.


Collaborate With Us

The Cotton Tree is keen on documenting and showcasing unique experiences. If you have a project you’re working on an need a pair of extra hands, be sure to send us a message so we can create magic together.

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