Out and About: Tamarind Hills Antigua


  This Week, My Relatives from America are back home in Antigua on Vacation, and decided to book a week long stay at Tamarind Hills. 

Tamarind Hills offers luxury staycations at beachfront properties which are just amazing. My Aunt Geraldine, being the wonderful person that she is, places my Mom and I on the guest list to stay at the property. 

I made the most of the experience and was sure to photograph some of the decor and landscale that I was lucky enough to enjoy. 

  I woke up on Saturday morning and took a dip in the cerulean blue swimming pool. The pool also has a swith that makes it "infinitize" as my cousin would say giving it the infinity pool affect. 

To give it a local flare, the pool was lined with conch shells. It looks especially wonderful when the sun is shining and it blends with the sea beyond it. 

  The house we stayed in had 4 bedrooms. Each bedroom had its own bathroom, and 2 of them were equipped with outdoor showers in addition to another inside. The bathrooms were spacious and the mirror had lights around it adding to the ambience of the area. 

The facebasin reminded me of a boiled egg. It was a most interesting shape. 

  We had access to about 3 of the houses at Tamarind Hills all of which were occupied by my family members. 

The architechture really amazed me and its really a beautiful property. Its an area surrounded by amazing beach fronts and pristine white sad. 4 beaches are in walking distance of the property and its in an area thats great for shopping ie: Jolly Harbour. 

  If i was building a house, I'd surely model my home after these properties. This post has been mostly taken over by photos to show how nice everything was. 

To rent the houses, you can book online at and the houses have various prices. All the houses are different which adds to the amazement of the peroperties. Each house is different, with different layouts, different furniture, different designs which makes your location unique from all the others and creates a special space just for you.

I'm really enjoying my time here. And i hope you get a glimpse at paradise through my post. 💖


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Sunday is my favorite day of the weekend.  I get to bum and sleep in a bit later,  and on a good day like today, i get to call up my friends and go to the beach.  Quite frankly,  i think more locals  need to get up,  go outside, and enjoy what's free of charge right infront of them. 

Today my friend Jhodonna and I decided to visit Galleon Beach.  It's one of my favorite places as it has breathtaking scenery and awesome chill spots.  Plus not alot of persons know where it is so it's perfectly quiet and excellent for relaxation. 

  At the beach, there is also a pretty neat restaurant called Roxy's. We ordered Coconut Crushes and barbecue chicken wings and fries.  We had an Awesome time.

  We had invited a few more persons (2) but they weren't able to make it.  They sure missed out on a great day at the rock pools.  

*All photos taken with my iPhone 6

Now Listening: Hard Work - Justin Nation + CYN

I identify myself as a cool person, and being a cool person, I've come to know a lot of people who can be deemed just as cool as I am. In 2013, I had the wonderful opportunity to befriend Antiguan musician and visual artist Justin Nation via Instagram. He's such a passionate person and is greatly invested in his art. His debut album, which he has been working on for about far years now, has marinated to perfection and his release party is set to be held soon. One of the singles spinning off of his upcoming album is the song Hard Work. The song talks about the extensive effort that Caribbean locals have to put in to get what they want in life. The music video show cases indigenous scenery and real hard working persons trying to make in the Antigua. The song itself is inspirational and the video only adds to its exceptional message. Have a Listen :)


Makai Antigua

Living on an island has its many perks. Beaches, great weather, and even better selections for swim-wear. I've been following Makai Antigua on instagram for a little over a year now, and their wander-filled, beach loving feed is perfect for promoting their brand. Located at #46 Heritage Quay, St. Johns, Antigua, the store offers a lot more than just 'cheeky bikinis' and cover-ups... it truly is a haven and sanctuary for all those who love the beach. Makai is actually Hawaiian meaning "towards the ocean", and i truly believe in the philosophy behind that name. Being an island girl, i am constantly drifting 'towards the ocean' and have a deep rooted love of the sea.

The store sells a wide and unique variety of swim-wear and is a must visit for both tourists and locals alike. You can always guarantee that you'll find a lovely swimsuit that fits your style and makes you look and feel great. They sell quality swim-wear, so you know that you are getting your money's worth when you make a purchase. You can even mix and match tops and bottoms to fit your quirky style. Also, being beach oriented, the store's photos not only focus on the product but the island as well making them a real market engine for Antiguan tourism, as well as showing off the gorgeous beaches and their travels.

Check out Makai Antigua, a boutique featuring swim-wear, cover-ups, jewelry and more for those who belong near the ocean. #46 Heritage Quay, St. Johns, Antigua (268)562-8392