Story Telling

With a penchant for stories, words by The Cotton Tree have transcended this platform. Focusing on issues, introspection, and even adventures words from the writing desk of Annetta Jackson have found a home outside of this base.


potent magazine - article

An account detailing the socio-economic impact of drought on Antigua and Barbuda’s environment and households. This feature along with accompanying images is published in Potent Magazine’s Comeback Issue.

Bankra travel: Island hop

A travel diary of a trip to Montserrat for the online story telling travel guide showcasing through images the beauty of the emerald isle.

youshare project

The Question of Culture & Identity. An internalization of who we are as Caribbean Blacks and our ongoing struggle with our cultural identity in the wider definition of mainstream blackness.



4C Hair Chicks

My afro is a boss…

Her Shine Theory

Person of Interest