Drag Racer

Curvy Idol: Renee Edwards-Ambrose

Renee Edwards Ambrose is one of the most inspiring persons that I've ever come across. She's a go getter and she lets nothing get between her and her goals. She's a professional Drag Racer and has competed and broke records at meets across the Caribbean, She's runs her own Drag Racing Team; Lady Horsepower Farm, and she's even an aircraft mechanic for LIAT (the Caribbean's Main Regional Airline). But, despite all these things that might colour her a tomboy, She's an established Plus-Sized Model. She won the Caribbean Plus Competition in 2013, and become Antigua's first Miss. Carnival Plus International Winner in 2014, and recently she took home the title of Miss. Curvy Idol, an international modelling competition.

I've had the pleasure of working with her so many times as I've photographed her for her portfolio as well as personal pursuits. She's a beautiful person, both inside and out. So when She won Miss Curvy Idol, and my photographs of her were plastered all over the internet, I felt a sense of pride. I'm forever grateful to her for believing in my talent and using my photographs to promote her brand. Congratulations Renee :)

Here are some of the Photos featured on the Curve Appeal Website

Featuring Photographs by Annetta Jackson