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Kinks are Pink!

There are many different fashion blogs on the internet and with the advent of the natural hair movement, there are many blogs about natural hair. However, few blogs are able to strike the perfect balance between both of these topics. Ashlei, the brain behind Kinks are the new Pink in my view has an excellent balance. She's not only a major figure in type 4 hair education, but she's also somewhat of a style guru for many persons who read her blog. I really love her blog as i learn new ways to care for my hair as well as cool ways to mis and match patterns and styles for outfits. She's always experimenting with different methods of doing things and she's not selfish in sharing her methods with her following. So, in honour of Ashlei's exceptional style, here are a few of her outfits that i absolutely loved >>>>

Enn Franco Says

I was browsing through a blog i recently found which is curated by one Miss Enn Franco, called Enn Franco Says. She's a blogger currently based in Russia who has a very unique sense of style and shares her lifestyle as well as fashion on her blog. Her style is one that offers me inspiration, and as such, i've decided to post a few of her outfits on my blog. She travels alot and so you can experience many different locations on her blog through her posts.


That Fai Daij


This Australian resident has style to boot! Her clothing is impeccable and her style is nothing short of flawless. As usual, i like to post some of my favorite outfits from the various fashion blogs that i stalk. Her blog also features a lot of unique shoes and helpful style tips. Anyway.. here are some of her outfits:


Fai's stlye incorporates alot of prints and bright colours that work very well together. She's my style guru and i enjoy her outfit posts. I hope to one day post OOTD's as frequently as she does since mine are few and far between :)  


For a while i have been following the blog Simply Cyn. When i began my transition to natural hair, i made it my mission to research all the natural hair bloggers out there to help me during my transition. I've basically just started the process and have been without relaxer for about 2 months. I'm getting there slowly but surely. Cynthia's blog isn't only about natural hair, as she has an amazing sense of fashion. Here are a few outfits from her blog.