Hello : )

  So it's been 2 months of braids and it's finally time to take them out. But before i did, i decided to take a couple of shots with a giant hair bun. My brother and i trudged down the road with my trusty camera in hand and got some pretty decent shots. I think i've grown so much and i'm finally starting to look as if i'm about to be 17. I've been so busy with college and trying to keep on top of everything as of late. It's almost time for me to do my 'big chop' and i'm super duper excited. I can't wait to see the difference. 


In Transition <3

So, I've braided my hair and am growing it out. I am in transition. I'm feeling happy with myself and I can't wait to big chop. Anyway, today was our honorary valentines day at college. I wore an Aeropostale Sundress and a Kenneth Cole Reaction Jacket. I felt very pretty with my outfit and my box braids. Happy Valentines Everyone :) 


For a while i have been following the blog Simply Cyn. When i began my transition to natural hair, i made it my mission to research all the natural hair bloggers out there to help me during my transition. I've basically just started the process and have been without relaxer for about 2 months. I'm getting there slowly but surely. Cynthia's blog isn't only about natural hair, as she has an amazing sense of fashion. Here are a few outfits from her blog.