That Fai Daij


This Australian resident has style to boot! Her clothing is impeccable and her style is nothing short of flawless. As usual, i like to post some of my favorite outfits from the various fashion blogs that i stalk. Her blog also features a lot of unique shoes and helpful style tips. Anyway.. here are some of her outfits:


Fai's stlye incorporates alot of prints and bright colours that work very well together. She's my style guru and i enjoy her outfit posts. I hope to one day post OOTD's as frequently as she does since mine are few and far between :)  

Fab Finds

I'm always stalking the internet for things to wear. So, I've decided to share with you some Fab Finds that I've discovered. I have already added them to my wish list and hopefully, when i'm no longer poor, i'll click add to cart. So... any way... here's what's on my radar.