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Wash and Go: Cantu Products

I did a wash and go on Saturday and I am highly satisfied with the level of definition and hold that i had :)  I used Cantu products to achieve the look. I washed my hair with Tresseme's Conditioner (For all Hair Types apparently) and washed it out of my hair. Then I took some Cantu Leave in Conditioner and moisturized my hair and coat my curls. Then i put Cantu's define and shine custard onto my sectioned hair. I had to use a small amount as it is a very sticky substance and leaves a lot of residue. After coating my hair with the custard my curls started to become heavily defined (as shown in the photographs). I was satisfied with the hold that i achieved with the product and rocked defined hair for 3 days in a row. I do commend Cantu for creating products that work well with my hair, but i'm still peeved about the level of residue that the product creates. Yes the hold is great, yes my curls are defined, but having giant chunks of dried product in my hair is not pretty. After 3 days of wearing my hair like that, i had to wash my hair to remove the custard residue. Even after intense washing and rinsing, my hair was still covered in residue, so i resorted to brushing the clumps out of my hair. :( I really do love the definition as shown in the photographs, but the residue that is left is just not cutting it for me. All in all the product gets top mark for definition and hold, but scores poorly in the residue department. IMG_8531

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Protective Styling: Crochet Wig 

I'm so excited about my new Crochet Wig! I love that i'm able to rock a curly hairstyle while still affording my natural hair protection, allowing it time to rest and grow. Making a crochet wig seemed pretty simple after watching some videos on youtube, so I sent them to my friend who made one for me! It frames my face pretty well and the net cap allows it to have a natural look.

Here's Some of What You'll Need:

When you have all the tools you need, You then start the process of completing the wig. The fullness will vary depending on the amount of braids you use. I bought 2 packs, but we expertly cut the braids in half to accommodate my small face. If you want curls you'll have to put the hair on perm-rods and soaked them in hot water for the synthetic hair to hold the shape.

I've included the tutorial video for the wig so that you can try it on your own :)



Kinks are Pink!

There are many different fashion blogs on the internet and with the advent of the natural hair movement, there are many blogs about natural hair. However, few blogs are able to strike the perfect balance between both of these topics. Ashlei, the brain behind Kinks are the new Pink in my view has an excellent balance. She's not only a major figure in type 4 hair education, but she's also somewhat of a style guru for many persons who read her blog. I really love her blog as i learn new ways to care for my hair as well as cool ways to mis and match patterns and styles for outfits. She's always experimenting with different methods of doing things and she's not selfish in sharing her methods with her following. So, in honour of Ashlei's exceptional style, here are a few of her outfits that i absolutely loved >>>>