I've gotten back in my braids :) I'm on the final stretch of my journey to the hair i was born with. On May 13th i'll be saying good bye to my permed hair and hello to a teeny weeny afro (TWA). I'm ready. I'm pumped. I'm excited. I'm scared. I'm not second guessing this. It's what i want and quite frankly i don't care if i look ugly... 

I've also been doing this fitness thing. I've been trying to acquire a shape for my 17th birthday and also i've been trying to stay fit. Skinny does not equal fit. I do squats, bridges, and crunches on a weekly basis and i'm seeing those results :)

Dress: Upscale ( Redcliffe Quay )

Shoes: Ballet Flats (Size 6B)

Hello : )

  So it's been 2 months of braids and it's finally time to take them out. But before i did, i decided to take a couple of shots with a giant hair bun. My brother and i trudged down the road with my trusty camera in hand and got some pretty decent shots. I think i've grown so much and i'm finally starting to look as if i'm about to be 17. I've been so busy with college and trying to keep on top of everything as of late. It's almost time for me to do my 'big chop' and i'm super duper excited. I can't wait to see the difference. 


In Transition <3

So, I've braided my hair and am growing it out. I am in transition. I'm feeling happy with myself and I can't wait to big chop. Anyway, today was our honorary valentines day at college. I wore an Aeropostale Sundress and a Kenneth Cole Reaction Jacket. I felt very pretty with my outfit and my box braids. Happy Valentines Everyone :) 

Change: My plans for my hair

Well, i have decided to do something very very different. I am cutting my hair. I made the decision not too long ago to grow out my hair and go natural. However, i was always fearful of how i'd look without hair. I prefer to hide behind it and i always felt that hair made me prettier. I've decided that i need to find myself and face life without hiding behind the curtain that is my hair. So ... when i have adequate natural hair length.. i will go chop chop and say good bye to my hair. I'll keep you up to date on how it's all going... I've already cut off my hair to about shoulder length, i'm already missing it... but i think i need this journey.