Wish List

There are lots of things that attract the eye but you just look at them and move one. Then there are other things that not only attract the eyes, but they awaken something deep inside you. That is when you know that someday you must have that thing and you put it on a wish-list. My amazon wish-list boasts of many items that i cannot afford but so desperately wish to have. Since i love photography, you can expect to find a lot of things that relate to cameras. Also, since i have natural hair you can find lots of curl-tastic hair products that my hair is just begging to befriend. But what is so fascinating about having a wish-list? Well, a wish-list provides the motivation/impetus to get the items on that list. The items on my wish-list are way out of my budget, but, the need to have those items motivates me to book more shoots and get more money to be able to click the coveted "add to cart" option next to the items on my list. One day i'd like to be able to buy everything i need without having a wish list ... but who knows. There is a novelty to having a wish-list and being motivated to get the items you so desperately wish to have. I've put in this post a couple hair products that i've been lusting after.


hair care


NYX foundation
$18 -

Big Chop

Well, It's obvious that i'm weeks late with this post.... but ... i finally big chopped! I did it on Sunday May 4th at approx 10 something in the morning with blue handled tailor scissors. I had a whole lot of hair under there. I really love my TWA which as i have noted before is one big puff of 4C hair. For some reason, people seem to hate 4c hair, but i actually like it and my hair is pretty darn soft. Shrinkage plagues my daily life but it's for the best. I do a lot of flat twists and have come across some pretty great products namely As I am coconut co-wash and Hawaiian Silky. Those are my favorites along with Indian Hemp a grease i use on my scalp. I love my new hair and my new look :) and i hope you like it too. I'm gonna have fun on this journey and i hope i attain the happy healthy hair i want. 




Change: My plans for my hair

Well, i have decided to do something very very different. I am cutting my hair. I made the decision not too long ago to grow out my hair and go natural. However, i was always fearful of how i'd look without hair. I prefer to hide behind it and i always felt that hair made me prettier. I've decided that i need to find myself and face life without hiding behind the curtain that is my hair. So ... when i have adequate natural hair length.. i will go chop chop and say good bye to my hair. I'll keep you up to date on how it's all going... I've already cut off my hair to about shoulder length, i'm already missing it... but i think i need this journey.