fashion icon : The Evolution of Antiguan Streetwear : The Evolution of Antiguan Streetwear

I'm in love with drive and ambition, and let me tell you, Patrick Joseph has them in abundance. The Creator and Designer behind of is going places. Let me show you why ...




The Queen of Controversy is what i like to call her. Rihanna is a daring fashion icon who continuously pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in fashion and makes it her own. From her nipple freeing LUI Magazine cover to her barely there netted dress, Rihanna's Style has been keeping us all on our toes.


Her style is distinct and unique to her. She pulls of effortlessly looks that a normal woman can't. For this reason, Rihanna is in my mind a major contributor and pioneer of style in today's fashion world.


Solange Knowles is no longer basking in Beyonce's shadow. The 27 year old mother has catapulted into a fashion icon, trendsetter, and natural hair guru. Being on top of things and finding herself however, did not happen over night. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Solange spoke about her challenges in topping the business and finding her sound and stability.