: The Evolution of Antiguan Streetwear

Monday November 9th, I had a very important meeting with one Patrick Joseph, and I was running late. Yes, I set up the time, date, and place, and I was running late. It doesn't look good on my part, but he waited around anyway. We sat at the little table at C&C Winery and the conversation sparked up.

The more he spoke about his drive and passion for design and fashion, the more my admiration for him grew. He's a visionary. I know that now. He has big dreams and goals and I think he'll achieve every one. 

Patrick "Stooge" Joseph doesn't look like he'd be a serious fashion designer, heck you wouldn't know it by looking at him, but when he's settled and comfortable speaking about clothing and design, his eyes light up. That's how i know he has real drive and a concrete interest in taking his brand to the next step.

Patrick Joseph attired in his signature "Parental Advisory Graphic Tee"

Patrick Joseph attired in his signature "Parental Advisory Graphic Tee"

I sit back and listen to him recount his introduction to fashion. He couldn't find bow-ties he liked... so he decided to make his own. Any other guy would have called it George, but this guy got his gears grinding and stitched up some pretty sweet styles.

Quite frankly, I was impressed. I still am. This industrious young man went from making bow-ties for himself to distressing jeans to launching a t-shirt line which is very Rad if you ask me.

Original Handcrafted Bow-Tie

Original Handcrafted Bow-Tie

Antiguan UWI Students Repping Stooge Designs

Antiguan UWI Students Repping Stooge Designs

Patrick has a great love for Graphic Design, and coupled with his interest in street-style, the combination is nothing short of deadly. Even though he has big dreams, just like the rest of us, Financial constraints keep him from having consistent look books as he does his t-shirt printing overseas. 

Don't worry though, this man is going to Blow up, and when he does, he's going to be everywhere (see what i did there). He's worked with regional names like Potent Magazine and DJ Puffy, and local talents like Chavel Thomas, DJ Jime, Jahdiel Gore, Tian Winter and the list is bound to grow.

I'm very happy that I was able to meet up with Patrick and listen to him share his passions and goals with me. He's truly and inspiration and someone who we should rally around and support on his journey toward greatness. I am truly humbled and grateful that he agreed. I wish him all the best of luck and success and I'll continue to watch him climb to the top like so many others that i know and see that potential in.

Be sure to look out for his #WOLFGANG tees dropping in 2016 so tactfully dubbed the #yearofthewolf.


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