I love observing children. They see the world through a different filter than I do because they haven't been corrupted yet. There's a purity, a beauty in the innocence that still exists. Not too long ago, I looked at the world through rose coloured glasses. I had an optimism and positivity that seemed to take over my being. Nowadays I'm not so optimistic. Everything isn't doom and gloom, of course not. However I'm not naive to the fact that everything in the world isn't amazing.  

My younger cousin Jahshaya, She's Seven. She's a bright spot in my life. I look at her and I can dig up my inner child and shave off some of the darkness that's grown on me from being in the world too long. She's so young yet she's so old and I want so badly for her to take her time and enjoy growing up. 


Growing up. I guess that's the whole base of this post. I've realized that I'm growing up. I have completely put all parts of my childhood behind me. I'm no longer too young to shoulder responsibilities and soon from now I'll have to step out and shape my own life separate and apart from the one that's shielded by parents.  

Even though it's a liberating experience being an Adult and not necessarily having to account for every detail of my life. It's also bittersweet because I'm no longer somebody's little girl.  


I decided to take some photos of my cousin Jahshaya. She's the greatest child and the greatest woman in training. I think her quest to be older is partially my fault for not being enough of a child for her. In the photos you can see clearly what i mean. You can see that she's young but you can see that she's much older than her shell. My quest to keep her a child has brought to me a renewed perspective and has given me better ways to cope with stepping into adulthood.  


I have captured her in her youth. Too bad she won't stay the way I want her to. Someday we all have to grow up.  


PS: She's wearing my Shirt