Island Hop: St. Croix

A Few Weeks ago, I went to St. Croix and while there, my friend Larry took me driving and showed me spots I'd never have discovered on my summer trips as a young child.   

I've been going to spend summers with my aunt in St Croix since before I was 10, and now, despite being away at University and attempting to grow up, I still try to make a visit... especially now my aunt is sick.


Even though my visit was somber in its mood, I was glad that I had a friend to remind me not to associate the island with illness, but with beauty and to remind me that sickness doesn't last.  

Larry and his cousin came to pick me up in his mom's jeep and we began our drive around St Croix which I now know has amazing scenic spots. 

Larry (government name Lawrence Lewis) is also a photographer so it was wonderful to have my photos taken by someone who I didn't have to tell what to do. It was also wonderful seeing things from another photographer's eye and sharing tips and tricks. 

Lawrence Lewis  

Lawrence Lewis  

One of my favorite stops on our trip around the island was our lay over at the UVI Wetlands. I never knew that St Croix had environmental reservations, despite going there so often it dawned on me that I actually knew nothing. 

The scenery was absolutely breathtaking and I immediately took out my camera to absorb the space. In front of me lay rolling waves and an expanse of blue. I immediately felt like an idiot for not wearing a bathing suit because I really wanted to go for a dip in the water. My lack of swimwear however didn't stop me from getting my feet wet and I left the beach front with my entire jeans pants soaking wet and my arms covered in sand. 

I'm not gonna continue with any long talking, I'm just gonna leave a few photos here highlighting my favorite part of my trip to St Croix.