Nineteen & Glowing

I've come full circle. This post is more than just me giving my thoughts on 19 years of life. This is a post about how much growth has really occurred for me to have reached this point. Over the course of a year, a lot has actually changed. I like the me i see now at 19 than the me I was approaching 18. We are two completely different persons. The Me now is comfortable with herself; mentally, physically, emotionally. The Me now is much more capable than the me that I was a year ago. 

I have been underestimated. It happens all the time due to my appearance and build. I look as if I am a child. However, my mind... what i can do... what i offer is much more than any 12 year old could ever dream to attempt, much more than those who underestimate me could ever dare to accomplish. I have 3 very wonderful jobs, I am well on my way to University in September, and I am able to think and assess more now than i did before. 

I decided, a year ago that i would learn myself. I would push myself. I would make people see me the way I see myself. And so it began. The process to where i am now. I was buffering... slowly but surely picking up the pieces and building myself into what i wanted to be. 

I'm not gonna really ramble on anymore. What i am going to say is. At 19. I finally feel as if i'm a Woman. I work for what i want, I can speak my mind, and i am comfortable with my appearance because I know for a fact that I am Woman. 

For the first time, I allowed myself to be photographed. Not a selfie, not a headshot. An actual Photoshoot. I wanted people to see me the way I see myself. Confident, Fierce, Alluring, Beautiful, Grown, Mature. A Woman. I wanted to turn some heads :). This is me. This is 19. I am Glowing.


Photos by Shawn O'Garro of S.O.Shoot Photography

Special Thanks to  'Lady Pug' & Nathanya L as well as Brian B for motivating me to keep working on myself and giving me gym goals :) 

Thanks to Renee E, Amaya A, Linisa G, Toya T, Jon W, Kadeem J, Chavel T, Danie H, Norris S, for being excellent role models and introducing me new ideas as well as assisting me in my professional development. 

Thanks to God, Pacus & Cheryl For Life.