Out and About: The Beach is My Living Room

Anyone who reads my blog knows by now that I'm an avid lover of all things beach! I enjoy feeling the sun in my face and feeling the sting of the salt in my eyes. I'm not sure how I'm going to cope when I leave for school in August, but I guess I'll have these memories in stock to tide me over until I get back. 

On Sunday, May 22nd I went to the beach. I suited up with my regular beach pal Jhodonna and we set out on our epic adventure. We went to one of our usual haunts, Windward Bay which has a boat load of memories for the both of us (I lost my iPhone 6 out here). I also used the beach day as an opportunity to break in my new bathing suit which I recently sourced from Forever 21.

I Found the coolest woven couch embedded in the sand which wasn't there the last time i took the trek to this cool beach. So Naturally, being the cool cat that I am, I had to sit down in the chair and poss for a dozen photos just so i could feel even cooler.

Nothing beats a beach day with my favorite beach buddy who appreciates exploration and sea side chilling just as much as I do. She was hella vogue in her cat eye shades and swim suit which was definitely a feature attraction at the beach (lots of stares).

It was also a really long while since I had a solid beach day where i could just kick back, relax and enjoy myself with people who make the vibes awesome.

We also made our way to the swamp to check out how things were looking, and it's as dry as ever as you can tell from the photo on the side.

This really hit me hard especially. It cements the fact that Antigua no matter how plentiful the beaches are is suffering from a severe water problem. We've been having severe drought since 2013... making the length 34 months our worst on record.

The country has been out of surface water since early 2015 and now mid 2016 our Ground water supply (wells) are below extraction levels and some have suffered from salt water intrusion.

Climate Change is real and it isn't only an issue being faced by large countries who are the big pollution emitters. In the Caribbean we don't even make up 1% of global emissions but we will feel the brunt of the effects because we lack the resources to tackle sea level rise and water shortage. 

The Beach is My Living Room. It's my Home. It's A Part of Me. This means the Earth is apart of me too, so I'm going to do my best to make sure that people understand just how important protecting and preserving the environment really is.

Look at that, i managed to put some food for thought in my post about my beach Adventures :)


All in All, I had an amazing beach day. I encourage everyone to drop some things one Sunday and just pick up and go to the beach. Enjoy what you have while you have to do what you can to make sure that you don't lose it if you can do something about it. Good Luck On Your Adventures!