Island Life: Antigua's Best Beaches

Antigua and Barbuda is famous for its tagline "The Beach is Just The Beginning" and Its even more famous for saying that it has 365 beaches, one for each day of the year. So, Imagine my surprise when the Caribbean Journal only included 2 of Antigua's Beaches in it's list of The 50 Best Caribbean Beaches!

I Took it Upon Myself to use this space to talk about the other amazing beaches that should have made it unto this list, and hopefully the Caribbean Journal gets wind of their disastrous mistake. Now, the beaches that I'm going to List are ones that I've been to myself and have experienced 1st hand the vibe that's present. 

Here We Go!

1. Ffryes

Idealistic Ffryes Beach

Idealistic Ffryes Beach

This exclusion came as a Total shock to me personally. Ffryes Beach has been described on many occasions as one of the best beaches in the country. With its expansive sandbank and pristine turquoise waters this beach truly is one to beat. There's also an amazing beach bar and restaurant known as Dennis' present on this peaceful patch of shoreline.

2. Runaway Bay

This stretch of beach deserved to be on that list of Beaches. Even if other regional beaches may have topped it. I'm not sure how they rated those beaches, but if they're looking for atmosphere, sandiness, and water, as well as a great bar scene, Runaway Bay has got all that and then some. The Shoreline stretches for several miles making it one of the most visited beaches and a major tourist pull.

3. Old Road Bluff

It's sad to say that this wonderful patch of sand isn't really open for public consumption. If it was, I'm sure than many would be able to join me in saying that it's truly an amazing piece of beach. This beach is only accessible by way of Curtain Bluff Hotel which is an amazing property located in Old Road on the southern side of the country. This beach is idyllic, quite, pristine, and nothing short of amazing. It should be on that list, but i guess because of relative inaccessibility it didn't make it. 

4. Windward Bay

Windward Bay is truly one of my favorites. it's a few minutes walk away from Pigeon Point a beach that is next on my list of overlooked beaches. This beach is ideal for couples who just want to be alone and enjoy each others company, and even perfect for a group of friends who are chasing the sunset. You can wet your feet and soak up the rays, and even snorkel the reef if you're brave enough. 

5. Pigeon Point

Now this beach has all that you're looking for. Great Atmosphere - It has 2 eateries which both have live entertainment on Saturday Nights, A Park for Children, Great Sandbank, Beach Massages, a Jetty to practice diving... i think my bias toward this beach is showing as I've visited this beach more than any other on this list. I learned how to swim here! If you're ever in Antigua .. this place is a must see so put it on your adventure list.

6. Morris Bay

Look at that powder soft sand. LOOK AT THAT AMAZINGLY BLUE SEA! Why oh Why did this beach get left out? Not only is this beach a perfect chill spot, it offers something for the adventurer as well. Morris Bay is home to the derelict Morris Bay Hotel Ruins which are open for exploration to the wandering traveler. Great Beach Day and even greater haunts.. what more could you ask for.

7. Half Moon Bay

Now this list isn't in order of greatness of beaches.. if so .. This one would have come smack at number one. Half Moon Bay is one of Antigua's many wonders. This iconic beach is literally shaped like a crescent and caters to both the surfer and the shallow wader. What other beach can stomach that? None. This beach definitely should have made it to at least the top 10 of the Caribbean Journal's 50 Best Beaches List. 

After the convincing case that I've made for these beaches, and my comparison to those that are in the list published by the Caribbean Journal, I do think that you see that I know what I'm talking about when I say these beaches really do need to be on that list. The two beaches that made it on 'Dark wood Beach' and 'Valley Church Beach' are both really great beaches, but trust me when i tell you at least 4 out of these 7 should have joined them in the fray.

Take it from a veteran beach goer who's dipped in the beaches of Mexico down to the waters in Grand Cayman... I know a great stretch of beach when I see one.