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BAKING SODA - Why I Regret Putting It In My Hair


Every time I see a blog post about the wonders of baking soda for your hair, I get upset. I thoroughly regret my decision to ever put that powder anywhere near my wonderful fro. I read a post saying that using baking soda cleans your hair and promotes softness as well as moisture. It also advised me to leave it in for a long period of time. How stupid I feel now! Even though my natural hair journey is supposed to be a learning experience based on trial and error, i could have gone without this error. My hair which was thick and luscious,  now feels brittle and weak. This was after 1 use. From afar you may not be able to tell the damage, but my hair is rough to the touch and retains limited moisture.


My hair doesn't even shrink as much as it used to, and i welcome shrinkage... So, I'm going to start the process of rebuilding my hair. I will be more careful this time to stay far away from things that most people rave about. Of course I'm not starting again from scratch, but i will repair what i have and do better. I will start with oil washes and deep conditioners to rebuild the protein and moisture of my hair strands... I will post a photo of my baking soda damaged hair and document my progress. If anyone has recommended baking soda to you, turn them down and warn them of the damage that is being done to their hair.