The Golden Years are Over 


   Last Week, I graduated from College and I now am the Holder of an Associates Degree in Humanities Studies. I'm so very proud of myself for coming this far. After 2 years of hard work I can say I've successfully finished this stage. 

I can look back on my accomplishments and smile. I was the President of the Journalism Association, The Director of International Affairs for the Interact Club, The Graduation Representative for my Department, and I was a good student.  My GPA at the end of my first year was 3.66 sadly, they changed the mark scheme and now i have a 3.58, .02 away from honours lol, But I still think i did a pretty good Job.


I made alot of new friends, and made closer bonds with my older ones. These are the Golden Days that I will always Cherish & Remember for the rest of my life. The times in Law class & the Jokes before History. 

Thank God for all he's done & all he continues to do in my life, and i know that i'll be on to greater things in the Future.