The Londoner : New Beginnings

Hello! I've moved to London :) Yes that's right, I traded lush sandy beaches for cobblestone sidewalks, but some sacrifices have to be made when you're looking to get ahead in life. I decided to pack up my life in order to begin the next phase in my journey through life. I'll be starting University in September and I'm making the most of my free time in London before i've got to buckle down and focus on the books. 

As it stands right now, i don't feel any different than i did when i was at home, I guess the feeling may settle when i realize that my mother and brother are leaving me to head back home, and I'll be on my own for a year, but i'm trying not to dwell on that at this point in time. 

I've taken well to the climate so far, even though that will change when it gets colder and i'll probably be freezing to death... man.. i'm trying not to think about that as well. 

I'll be doing all the touristy things before classes begin and i'll be sure to drop them here so that you too can get a peek at London while i'm here. But, without further adieu, here are some flowery photos to signify the refreshing start of a new chapter of my life. 

I Pray That I Will Remain Grounded As I Tackle This New Adventure. 

- Annetta D. Jackson