Big Hair, Don't Care!

Above is a comparative photograph. Image one shows my hair in 2014 sometime leading up towards Christmas, and Image two is my hair a few weeks ago in 2016. As you can see, much has changed since I started this journey caring for my hair in its Natural State. I still remember waking up on Sunday May 4th 2014 with the intent of cutting my hair on the fore front of my mind. I still remember the sensation of cutting of my lengthy perm with those sacred blue handle scissors. 

It isn't all loss, It was actually a complete renewal for me. It was different re-learning natural hair. It was sort of scientific the way I learned how to concoct different mixtures just to get that perfect balance of moisture in my hair.

Going natural also opened up my mind. I became aware to the negative stigma that comes with having natural hair. I've become conscious of the fact that my hair will be judged based on the texture and I've also learned to rule out various natural hair myths as well.

I've watched my hair grow from a measly 2.5 inches to something near 12 inches and the time though lengthy (2 years) didn't really seem like much at all. Of Course, In any Journey, We are doing to have road block and hurdles that we'll have to overcome. That is visible in my current struggle with heat damage and attempting to find ways to get rid of it without chopping it all off again.

I'm happy that I went natural. I really truly am. I'm not knocking persons who have a perm at all, I'd never do that, because I'd perm again if I felt like it. But, being on the natural hair journey and re-learning my hair and understanding why natural hair is viewed the way that it is has made me protective of my hair and proud of my Fro.


On some days, I may not know what to do with my hair, or I may hide it under a wig or braids... but I will never ever be ashamed of the way my hair naturally grows from my scalp and I'll defend it with every fiber of my being.

Going Natural Helped Me Learn to Love Myself. If ever you decide to go Natural, my struggles and your struggles will be different don't look to me for answers I'm not google, I can provide help but what you do is up to you. If you're newly natural, and you feel like giving up, don't call it quits just yet. Your hair will grow and you will grow with it. Good Luck to All of You.

Much Love.

The Cotton Tree