Surviving Without an iPhone

So, here's the thing, I kinda don't have an iPhone at the moment. It has been 16 awkward days since a wave licked me down and my iPhone 6 made its decent into the watery grave. Mind you it's still fully functional where ever it is because it was in a protective water proof pouch. Not like it being underwater and functional is helpful to me at this moment.

Yes i was extremely devastated over the fact that I'd lost my phone. It housed my photos, some of which I'd just taken and which were amazing. It housed my contacts, my music ... yes i paid for Apple Music which makes this a bit worse, and most of all it was my phone, it was my source of contact with the outside world.

Also, I'd only just gotten the phone in May. It was my birthday present to myself and it was relatively new. This did not bode well with me.

But as the saying goes, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and so, even though I dished out another $749 for an iPhone, yes I had to. I learned how to cope without my beloved iPhone.

1. I learned to appreciate my other resources. even though I was out of my element, I gained a renewed appreciation for the devices I already had. I did a lot of reconnecting with my tablet.

2. Even though you realize that any phone other than your iPhone may suck (personal opinion), you have to understand that life still goes on. I had a spare phone, though not as high-tech, and I learned the true value of a phone. As long as I am able to make calls and send a few Whatsapp messages I will be okay. The few apps and tweaks are just extra perks. 

3. I've spent a lot of time connecting with myself as I've been less consumed with whats happening on my phone and more about whats happening with myself.

4. Reading! Reading a book is a great way to occupy the time that I usually spend digging through my Instagram feed or sending out an iMessage. Over the past 16 days, I have read 6 books from cover to cover, something that I haven't done since i was in 5th form. Mind you i do read... but my volume of reading significantly reduced upon my purchase of my first iPhone. I used to read nearly 20 books a month.... that number had dropped to maybe 2 or 3 at most. I'm not counting Wattpad because the chapter lengths aren't the same.




5. Make closer personal connections. I've had more phone call interactions in the past 15 days than in any period I can remember. I remembered phone etiquette and engaged my friends. I re-learned how to express my emotions and feelings without acronyms and emoji.

Even though I already purchased my new iPhone (i upgraded to a 6plus, no the s wasn't available for sale when i ordered) I think that I would be able to go on with my life even if i hadn't gotten a new one. But, When I do get my new iPhone sometime at the end of this week, I'll be sure to post some photos of how huge it looks in my hand :)