Life's a Beach

Today was an amazing day. I wish you were all here to experience this with me. The sky was the perfect shade of blue, and the water captured every shade amazingly. As I've mentioned before in a previous post, and the work section here on by blog, I am a photographer for the Cocobay Resort. Having this amazing job affords me some wonderful chances to experience some really dynamic views. 

I took a trek over to Ffryes Beach and the view above was one of the wonderful sites that greeted me. I was able to see Montserrat very clearly, a neighbouring Volcanic island that on a very clear day, you can see the cars driving on the outline. It was my mission to make the most of the amazing weather to get some amazing content for the hotel's social media sites, which they would be grateful for.


I Photographed a lot of little things that my eyes happened upon while I was on the beach.  My boss has a fascination with artsy shots, that capture the same view multiple times in many different and intriguing ways.

If you can find a different object of focus for the images and still capture the moneymaking blue sea and sky, you've made her day.

As you can see, i made use of all the things i found at the bay side. I found a buried fish net in the sand, and a beer can saying Wadadli ( Antigua in Arawak) which is a really nice tourism friendly shot, as it highlights some local i guess.


Montserrat On The Horizon-  Location: Ffryes Beach   

Montserrat On The Horizon-  Location: Ffryes Beach   

The water was very inviting, and I felt kinda bad that I was on the clock, or I would have definitely indulged myself and have gone for a dip in the water. As I had mentioned before, the visibility was excellent as you could clearly see Montserrat on the Horizon. I did the best I could with the lenses that I had, and I think i did a pretty good job of capturing the neighbouring island. If you live in Antigua, you should make the most of the beaches around you, and If you don't live here, I'd suggest you buy your self a plane ticket to have a chance at these views.