Hair Care: How To Rock Crochet Havana Twists pt. 2

Well hello there :) It may be a surprise to you, but yes it has been 2 months and I am still rocking these amazing Mambo Havana Twists so wonderfully installed by Tiffany Tonge of Studio by TiTo. I am still as in love with them as I was when i got them installed.

As you can probably tell by the photo above, I have unravelled the twists and they are still lush and as fabulous as ever. I have also washed my hair with these braids in, and the hair has not change its curl or differed in quality so its really good for a long haul protective style.

This really emphasizes just how versatile this hair actually is and I definitely recommend it to someone who just wants to take a break from styling for a while.

Untwisting the hair hasn't made maintenance any difficult either. I don't have to do much cutting of the straggles as the hair looks natural. As usual you only have to cut the ones that look very out of place. Because the hair is very light, It doesn't make you feel hot or sweaty and so you can move out in stylish comfort. 

So my tips for keeping this looks fresh remain the same as they did from the initial post. 

As stated before, all of my hair is neatly corn-rowed and the twists are installed using a crochet needle.

This has many benefits: 

  • The hair can be untwisted as shown above to give the appearance of natural hair, while fully protecting your hair.
  • Your Hairline is preserved as your hair is not pulled in to achieve the style. This is ample time to do a castor oil treatment to get your hair back into shape and restore it to health.
  • Because your hair is separated and sectioned, this makes it easier for your scalp to be moisturized which is better for the overall health of your actual hair underneath.
  • Most Importantly, You Don't Have to worry about how to style your hair :)

Once again, I'm placing a video by one of my favorite Natural Hair Gurus, Kitana who does a great job explaining how the hair can be maintained in its untwisted state.