Out and About: Carlisle Bay

If by now you haven't realized it, I kinda have a thing for really nice hotels. I enjoy basking in the atmosphere and surrounding myself with tasteful decor, great food, and round the clock service. It's a life I'd quickly get used to, and I've told myself that I will work towards having enough money to regularly visit luxurious hotels and enjoy the landscape i otherwise would not be able to enjoy.

This weekend, I was afforded the most rare of opportunities to spend the day at the Carlisle Bay resort in the south coast of Antigua and Barbuda. The hotel is neatly tucked away in the village of Old Road and its large expanse is virtually invisible to passersby on the road. Whenever i passed the gates, i never realized that inside was this large amazing place. It has 3 restaurants, a library, a movie theater, a state of the art spa, a water sports center, a gym, multiple tennis courts ( we counted 8) an orchid hose, a Yoga and Pilates area, and a shopping area.

The hotel is also split into two sides, the Beach suites which are family friendly, and the Ocean Suites which are catered to the over 18s. My Aunt who was staying at the resort put our names on the guest list and we spent a wonderful day with her. My mom had frequented the hotel multiple times during the week and even got a massage at the Blue Spa.

The Signature Caribbean Breakfast

The Signature Caribbean Breakfast

The Food was simply amazing! We were treated to a local breakfast of salt-fish, avocado and Johnny Cakes with fried plantain, and to wash it all down was a guava smoothie fresh out of the blender!

The Hotel is wonderfully constructed nestled perfectly into the Bay it derives its name from. It is groomed well and the staff are really friendly people.

The Pool

The Pool

Not only is the scenery and food great, but the entrance of the hotel is amazing! When we initially visited, it was night time and we were greeted with complementary cocktails and the walk way was like a bridge. over the side was a man made pond with fire pits and magnificent koi fish!


As you can see, there is a lot of greenery at the resort and overall its aesthetically pleasing.

My phone just came up and out and I couldn't stop taking photographs of my surroundings.

I really enjoyed my time at Carlisle Bay and I definitely recommend staying here if you have the money. They also do a day pass for locals which is really reasonable and affords you access to all the hotel's facilities you just don't get a room. 


The Rooms are also very wonderful and i love the interior design of the Ocean Suites. I have a thing for bathrooms, and I can tell you that the bathroom at the Hotel was wonderful. The Jacuzzi Tub was perfect and the walk in shower and toilet were separated from the rest of the bathroom by glass doors which was very very tasteful.