Sundays : Windward Bay


 As usual, Sundays are filled with salt and adventure for me. This Sunday was no exception. True to the spirit of summer, my friend and I went to the beach to soak up the Sun and get a few shades darker. 

Our feet took us to Windward Bay located in English Harbour in Antigua (the wonderful island i live on). The beach isn't really made for swimming, there are a few spots you can wade in, but its a nice place to go when you want to relax and clear your head. 

We decided this time that we wouldn't be content staying on the beach, and took the initiative to climb the hill and get a higher view of the landscape. It took a while, as the hill is fenced separating beach from private property. We climb the rocky hillside, and tried but failed to climb over the wire fence. Then as if God himself put it there, we found a gap in the bottom of the fence on the hillside with ample space for us to pass through. 

We climbed through and up the hill and like we guessed, the view was spectacular. The hillside was a garden of cacti and riddled with footpaths that led to intriguing dig ins and boroughs that we pledged to go back and explore.     The view of the coast line from the hill was amazing and made for an excellent afternoon.  The water was clear, the waves were friendly and the sun was happy in the sky which made the atmosphere even better for the Sunday of adventure.

 [wpvideo RvEn2VDi] 

  Here's to more Sunday Adventures and Summer magic