I've been having exams, so it's been awhile since I've posted. But this month made me 18. I am greatful for 18 years of life, love, and learning. I am thankful for the journey i'm on and the choices I've made so far along the road. Sure i've made mistakes, but every mistake is a learning experience.    I'm extremely greatful for my supportive group of friends. I am thankful for my inner circle those 5 beautiful persons  who have latched on to me and have helped in some way or another to nurture my talent. They've stuck with me through the rough patches and for that I'm grateful.

I'm greatful that I'm growing in grace. Never did i think that I'd grow into such a person. I've been told that I inspire and i hope to continue doing that. I'm greatful for my talents, especially photography which has opened so many avenues for me and allowed me to meet such inspirational characters. All the things I've accomplished could not be possible without God.

I am greatful for another chance for another year. Thank God for all he continues to do and for his continued work on me and through me. I've now opened the book of adulthood, i hope the upcoming chapters are just as exciting as the last.