Out and About: Pillars of Hercules

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With the Weekend being blissfully lengthy, I had a lot of time to explore the hangouts on my island. The Pillars of Hercules are a notable attraction that is awe inspiring to both locals and visitors alike. Every time i take the trek to see the pillars, the breathtaking dominance of the stone never ceases to amaze. This structure, like most of the world's wonders, is a sign that the earth is an amazingly beautiful place, and that God has to be an artist. As i am a photographer, i took it upon myself to share with you all the wonders of my little island paradise.

I did have my canon, but climbing around with a DSLR around water isn't much of a good idea. So i entrusted most of the photography to my iPhone 5c. The camera could not capture the splendor as much as seeing it face to face would, but i can say that the photos still portray the beauty good enough for you to enjoy. I was suited up in all blue so i could blend in with the sea :)


  I also took the time out  to test out my new selfie stick and my under water pouch to get even more dynamic views. I had an excellent Easter Monday getting sun burnt and salty haired... which bite me in the butt later as my hair was hell to detangle and de-sand. Getting to the pillars isn't really all that hard. If you're familiar with the English Harbour area, you drive on down to Galleon Beach and keep walking around toward the rocks.... hop across some loose rocks.... then the mountain side starts to take on an interesting ridge shape... and BLAM the pillars begin to unfold before your eyes and it all appears.  In the photo below you can faintly see a fisherman on the rocks behind me.

A little ways past the pillars, and a lot more climbing, you'd come across some really beautiful rock pools. The pool is shown below :). It's basically two chambers with the first always filled and pool like, and the second is only full at high tide as it is a sort of over flow chamber. It's a really calm place to just relax, chill and reflect. If ever i'm stressed, it's kind of soothing to just think about that place. I'm not really sure how the weather was able to shape the pillars, but i'm really glad that they exist.