Food For Thought: The Problem With Weight

It irks me every time a person comments on a photograph of a slim person and says that they need a cheeseburger, or on the photograph of a thick girl and calls her a cow... it truly irks me. Weight on both ends of the spectrum is a serious problem in society. The only reason that a problem with self esteem, self perception, and weight problems exist is because society keeps attacking people who they think have a problem. Generalization is not going to help the problem. All slender people are not anorexic and all heavy set individuals are not comfort eating. You would never have known that there was a problem with your weight until someone pointed it out to you. Society constantly victimizes individuals on both sides of the spectrum. This behaviour has not only produced self hate but hatred among the people being singled out. Fluffy girls who dislike slim girls single them out call them toothpicks and twigs, and slim girls ridicule fluffy women and label them cows. How is this healthy for society? As i person on the lighter side of the scale, i have had my fair share of problems. My mother (who i don't live with) has constantly asked me where my food goes to... she tells her friends that i don't eat food which is why i "blow in the wind". Bear in mind that i don't live with her so she has no idea of my eating habits and is judging me based on an assumption. I happen to eat a lot of food but my high metabolism is what hinders me from keeping on any significant pounds... We shouldn't do this to our girls. They are beautiful no matter what size they are. What if society just ignored weight and stopped objectifying women on a whole. Do you know how much better the world would be? The media and the male ideal for women has greatly influenced our view of women. When men preferred that women be skinny, women forced themselves into corsets to please them.. now men prefer curves and ass and women are killing themselves to squat and get plastic surgery & injections. Why can't we just be accepted for who we are as individuals and not what we look like? Being skinny is not a problem, anorexia is, and it so happens to be a side effect of the negative mindset of society. And you cannot alleviate the problem you created by calling all skinny girls anorexic and saying eat more food... that only makes things a lot worse. Weighing more than 140lbs is not a problem... plus size is not a problem. telling a plus sized woman to eat a salad will not suddenly make plus sized women go away. It creates a bigger problem and society is hypocritical for doing this. Society created anorexia and obesity. All i have to say is love the skin you're in.